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Pure Bulgarian rose oil

Rose Oil - Rose Otto

It takes approximately 60,000 roses to produce just 1 oz of Pure Rose Oil also known as Rose Otto. That's about two & half dozen roses to make one drop!

A few drops of our 100% pure Rose Oil (Rose Otto) will - Enliven: romance, auras, chakras, love, libido, sensuality, happiness. Enhance: inner vision, angelic connection, clairvoyance, relationships, meditation, devotion. Assist with: skin care, easing grief, encouraging contentment, dissipating guilt, liver detoxing, opening the heart, balancing the female reproduction system, healing. Ease: menstrual tension, frigidity, hangovers, depression, symptoms of menopause. Bring: harmony, comfort, calmness, purity, patience, luck and joy. 
Official Rose Otto Certificate of Analysis
Official Rose Otto
Certificate of Analysis
Produced in the famous valley of the roses Bulgaria
Produced in the famous
"Valley of the Roses" Bulgaria

What is the difference between Rose otto produced in Bulgaria and Rose Otto produced in other countries?

Our 100% pure Rose Oil (Rose Otto) is produced from the precious and beautiful rosa damascena flowers cultured in The Valley of the Roses in Bulgaria. Its perfect location and climate, with gentle sunshine, ensures minimum release of the aromatic ingredients from the flowers. The wax film on the rosa damascena remains thin because the plant does not need to strive to protect itself from strong solar radiation…as do roses in other countries.

This explains the smaller content of stearoptenes (waxes and solids) in the Bulgarian rose oil. Through steam distillation the scented oil globules are gently separated from the pink petals, leaving the fragrance, purity and vibration of the essential oil intact and uncompromised.

Even the smallest drop of our beautiful rose oil will excite your senses!

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